Stratus One

FEATURES - Fully Ceramic Chamber, which is the healthiest way to vape - More Airflow for Vapor path - Long Lasting Li Polymer Battery - Smart LED Display - Precise Temperate Control

- Packing tool
- Cleaning Brush
- Wired USB Charger
- USB Wall Charger
- 3 Silicone Mouth Tip
- 5 Screens

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Product Description

The Stratus Vaporizer's blue indicator light will blink(20)times rapidly before shutting down when the battery is depleted, The Stratus vaporizer's remaining battery life can be found at any time on the OLED Screen. The Stratus Vaporizer is charged through a micro USB port located on the bottom of the device. While charging, the Stratus Vaporizer's indicator light will flash blue to show that it is accepting charge, When fully charged, the light will shine a solid blue light.
For its initial charge, leave the Stratus vaporizer connected to the charger for approximately(6) hours, this will condition the battery for a longer further lifespan. Regularly, the Stratus vaporizer will take approximately(3) hours to charge.

Caution: While using the Stratus Vaporizer, portions of the device may reach high temperature. Wait until the device has completely COOLED before filling. When loading the Stratus Vaporizer, remove the mouthpiece from the heating chamber by lightly pushing the tip of the mouthpiece forward. Apply your dry herbs into the heating chamber.

DO NOT: over pack the heating chamber as this reduces airflow and can damage the device. Once your product has been applied, re-attach the mouthpiece

LOCK/UNLOCK the Stratus Vaporizer by pressing the the Power button(5)times in rapid succession. When unlocked, the power button's indicator light will flash and the OLED screen will display the word "HEAT" to show that the device is heating up. When the indicator light is solid the desired temperature is reached and the OLED screen will display the word "WARM" Inhale slowly from the mouthpiece.
The current temperature can be found at any time on the Stratus vaporizer's OLED screen. Each of the Stratus Vaporizers sessions last a maximum of (5) minutes. Keep the Stratus vaporizer powered off whenever it is not in use.

The Stratus Vaporizer is capable of reaching any temperature within the range of 300F-435F
using the +/- buttons on the vaporizer, you can increase or decrease the desired temperature while the vaporizer is heating.
The stratus vaporizer comes equipped with a built in memory function, and will automatically heat to the most recent heating temperature selected.

Caution: While using the Stratus Vaporizer, portions of the device may reach high temperature. Do not clean or disassembled the device until all portions of the device has COOLED completely.
Ensure that the Stratus Vaporizer is locked before cleaning. The brush tool included can be used to clean the ceramic heating chamber after use with dry herbs.
The mouthpiece can be cleaned using a 90% alcohol solution and a cotton swab.
Caution: Do not let the Stratus Vaporizer come in contact with liquid of any kind. Doing so can potentially DAMAGE the devie.

DO NOT charge the device over a fire source or extremely hot environment.
DO NOT transport or store the device with any metal items.
DO NOT use of store the device near a heat source.
DO NOT pierce the housing with any sharp object.
DO NOT hit or step on the device.
Capacity/Voltage 2200 mAh 4V
Temperate Range 300F - 435F / 149c - 224c
Lock/Unlock Press (5) times consecutively
Safety Power Duration (5) Minutes
Battery Low Blue light icon flashes (20) times rapidly


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