Bliss - BL15 Table Top

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Product Description

Bliss Table Top Digital Model with Knob:
1: Turn the unit on
2: Set the temperature by turning the Knob as desired.
3: When the light turns off it means the unit is ready for use.

Digital Model with Key:
Up & Down Key is for increasing or decreasing the temperature. Power Key is to On the unit or to make it on Stand By mode.
Press Up & Down key simultaneously to change from degree Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa.

1: Turn the unit on. Press the Power key the temperature now on screen is 310 degree Fahrenheit.
2: You can Raise or Lower the temperature by pressing up and Down arrow
Key at any point of time.
3: Once the temp. Is reached you will see a green light starts blinking indicating that unit is ready to use.

Models only with knob & No Digital Display

1: Turn the unit on.
2: Turn the Knob to maximum and wait for 5 minutes.
3: Your unit is ready for use.

Cautions For longer life of a unit, turning The unit off for about 5 minutes after every 20 minutes of
Usage is recommended. Always use Surge Protector



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